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It's so easy when all the right information, people, tools, deck designs, ideas, resources and products are at your fingertips.  At DecksGo we bring it all together for you - Homeowners, Builders, Knowledge & Products.

We're real builders - with over twenty five years experience.  Not some huge media company just trying to fill a space.  We've swung a hammer or two and we've learned a few things.

It's all yours for the pure satisfaction and joy that comes from seeing people just like you play an active role designing, planning and building backyard decks that amaze.

Our New DecksGo Builder Database is now LIVE! 

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 You're going to love it!

Recent Articles

  1. Turning A Very Large Three Deck Flower Box Into A Deck

    Dec 13, 14 10:23 AM

    In my backyard I have a very large three tier flower box in the back of my house next to my concrete walkway that has stairs that lead down to my garage.

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  2. Railing Solutions For Deck Over Dry Living Space

    Nov 25, 14 09:26 AM

    I have an upper deck at our cottage with a finished living space beneath. The deck sits directly over the great room . There is a Dura-deck membrane

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